A chat with… Janet Evanovich!


Anche stavolta abbiam pensato che, per quanto una traduzione possa rendere a regola d’arte l’originale, se si è in grado di capire l’inglese è sempre meglio dare un’occhiata alle esatte parole dell’intervistata! Perciò ecco qui l’original english version della nostra chiacchierata con Janet Evanovich!

Janet Evanovich;

E’ nata a South River, nel New Jersey, il 22 aprile 1943. Ha studiato arte e ha deciso di diventare scrittrice all’età di trent’anni. I suoi primi libri, di genere romantico, li ha pubblicati sotto pseudonimo, iniziando a usare il vero nome solo con la serie di Stephanie Plum, grazie alla quale è nota in tutto il mondo. QUI potete trovare le nostre recensioni su alcuni suoi lavori, editi da Tea.

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Q: Hi Janet and welcome to SognandoLeggendo. We have read on the web you took classes about improvisational theatre to improve your writing, didn’t you? Is it common to do that among American writers?

A: I suspect it isn’t common among American writers. Early in my career I realized I had a problem writing believable dialogue. My neighbor was giving classes in improve theater at a local university and I participated in those classes. They helped me develop an ear for speech patterns and also helped me envision my characters moving and interacting.

Q: What do you like and what you do not like about your job?

A: I love sitting at my desk each day where I can inhabit the world of the characters I write about. I hate deadlines.

Q: In Italy we do not know if we are going to have translated some of your other novels apart from the Stephanie Plum series. Which one would you like to have translated?

A: I would like them all to be translated into as many languages as possible.

Q: Have you ever felt unsatisfied with one of your published novels?

A: No, but I do sometimes cringe when I make mistakes. I call them senior moments. For instance, several years ago I wrote that Stephanie clicked off the safety on a Glock pistol. Ten years later, firearms professionals still write to tell me that Glocks don’t have safeties.

Q: A lot of hilarious situations of the Burg sound familiar to us… but is it really so in New Jersey, do you really have such neighborhoods? How real are the characters and the places of your novels?

A: There’s just something about New Jersey — a quirkiness that is acknowledged by people all over our country. What other state could inspire both fiction (The Sopranos) and non-fiction (The Jersey Shore)? You just don’t seem to find characters like that anywhere else. While most of the characters in my books are totally made up, they often share traits of real people I grew up with.

Q: You studied art and you used to paint , so let us know what kind of painter you were!

A: I wasn’t bad. But I developed an allergic rash to the pigment in the paints and had to look for a new artistic medium. It’s a good thing my computer keyboard is hypo-allergenic.

We are done! We would like to thank you for granting us this interview and to thank your assistant for being an intermediary. You have a wonderful relationship with your fans. Unfortunately in Italy we are a little behind the times and we still have to translate your books, but we do hope that the publishing house will catch up!

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